Our clients include Cross Iron Mall, Sobey’s, New Horizon Mall, Canadian Tires, and many more popular companies.


The most difficult task is getting a project off the ground. To help, we offer everything from project financing, to development and design management, and providing constructibility and facilities management input into design.


We have delivered projects under every type of contract model. Our construction experts utilize the latest technology and software to build your projects. For us, nothing is out of scope, and we’re always up for a challenge.


The job is done when we have completed all your requests. After that point it’s time for you to enjoy and make the best out of it.

Quality construction. Honest service. Great value.

Can you notice cracks, potholes or something wrong in your parking lot?

In fall and winter, water gets into the cracks and as it freezes, it swells, causing the crack itself to expand and get larger. Dealing with cracks in asphalt as soon as you spot them stops water from penetrating cracks and causing further damage to the pavement’s foundation.

When left untreated, seemingly simple cracks become parking lot potholes, sunken areas, or even large crevices.

Do you think the walls in your business need a hand? or two?

Our commercial/ industrial painting process involves the application of varnish or paint on different types of surfaces. These can include walls, industrial equipment, and more. Usually, this process involves specialized resources such as computer software, specialized painting machine, and skilled staff.

We will have a well-trained crew ready to help you with all your painting needs!

Build/ Renovate

Reno Pros is focused on building relationships, building quality environments using traditional methods, while maintaining our reputation in reliability and project execution. We provide the highest level of quality service and reassurance needed to complete a job on time and on budget. 

We can give your business a new image!

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