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Reno Pros will take care of everything for our customers. We will even move your furniture if you’d like. We are a 100%, one stop, for all your renovating needs.

Home Improvement

We are here to help with all of you home improvement needs whether its scraping the ceiling for new texture or to do a complete home makeover, through our team of structural and interior designers, we will work with you to deliver on your every need. Home renovations can be a lot of fun if you’re working with the right company and with our experience we know we can deliver on any size project.

Scraping ceilings

Our clients find this the most satisfying changes to their homes. We have created a process that we can scrape your old stipple and apply a new textured ceiling and be off site in as quick as a 3 day time frame. In some cases we don’t even have to move your furniture!
Whether you’re looking for a new knock down ceiling, splattered (orange peel) or you just want your ceilings to be flat, we here at RenoPros are ready for you.


Are you getting tired looking at the paint on the walls and thinking it’s time for a change? Well, look no further! We can paint it and/or spray it, doors windows and trims for you. Did you know that we can also spray your cabinets or wall units making them look like new? We can paint or stain complete exterior as well.

home renovation

RenoPros can help whether you are looking to renovate a bathroom, kitchen or roofing and windows we keep you involved. We will make sure you understand each and every step along the way, we have a great team of designers that can also help with design ideas and sourcing out products.


Here at RenoPros, we call this the wow effect. Clients are always saying ‘why did we wait so long to change out the doors and trims’. If you’re tired of the old, oak or dark trim and want to brighten up your home, well we are ready for you! We think you’ll be quite surprised that changing to new baseboard & casing with new doors will transform the look and feel in your home.

Flooring/ countertops

Are you tired of looking at the old damaged floors or old countertops? Is it time for a new, fresh look? Well you’ll be quite impressed by all the options you have now. You now have access to products that have over 20 years of warranty and you’ll be blown away by the amount of selection. Our designers can’t wait to educate you in these products.



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